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An agency for social and institutional housing development


Housing Development Agency

We are a registered non-profit (Section 21) social housing institution that was established in 2016 to provide transitional and communal housing in designated restructuring zones” and in accordance with government directives.

Welcome to AFRIKHAYA

Quality Living Environments



AfriKhaya was formed as a preferred implementing agent for social and institutional housing developments and management of rental accommodation for low income earners within the Northern Cape Province.


Affordable Housing

Our housing projects are located throughout the Kimberley metropolitan area, particularly the inner city and all the fringes of the inner-city. We service the lower income bracket population.


Become a Tenant

We develop affordable housing closer to public transport nodes encouraging optimal use of transit hubs and corridors across the city with access to public amenities and good community services.

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Interpretation of Logo


  • Providing quality living environments is the core business of AfriKhaya;
  • Moving from the front to the rear of the logo indicates “in perpetuity” – the provision of quality living environments continues ad infinitum;
  • Moving from the rear to the front of the logo indicates continuous growth.


  • The Waves signal in perpetuity, constantly moving and evolving, growing towards an undefined peak
  • The earth tones:

    Brown: represents “mother earth” the foundation on which the homes are built

    Red / Orange: represents “fire” that ignites passion and destroys so as to renew and grow more vigorously.